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I'm a little little late for this BUT STILL wanted to check this out & it was fun; SHORT but FUN. 


That's what she said


I hate you haha.

Haha, thanks. I had to! xD

Well im stupid cuz i looked away at the beginning and didnt see clearly unity :P

hi this game is cool but can you make it at iOS/Android please?

And happy new year 2021!

cool game btw

yeah but I hope they make it on iOS/Android...

That would be kinda cool

Can you please tell me what game engine this is? Because I want to make a siren head game in this style.

Cool game. Pretty short though. Made a video on it. 

Awesome game but I saw a video we can also play as Siren Head.



Managed to get into the game but right clicking doesn't activate an examination. Are there any alternate controls? (using wireless mouse btw)

Pretty quick experience and kind of a by-the-books small horror gameplay, but it was still well made and was decently paced (for the amount of time that is). I will definitely be watching out for any other experiences made by you.

add controller support that would be amazing with this game

Safe to say both of these games messed with my head a bit more than I anticipated! Super fun quick games though, awesome job! The noise that siren head makes is terrifying!  


hi! i am having a problem opening the game on my MacBook air, it keeps saying that i do not have the permission to open it and contact my computer or the administrator. 

try using the app it worked for me

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I played Siren Head! Thank you for supporting! 

soiren hed

i can't download it it wont let me

Short but I enjoyed it

setting 2000 nice

Nice game

Amazing but just needs a little bit more touch ups in certain areas

good game needs a little work but fun

great game

Short and sweet, made me thing of Jurassic park for no reason at all :P


Decent but a bit short

Good, but not enough


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This was the first game I played based on Siren Head and I loved it. It was a short but sweet horror game which is something I loved but I do wish the game was a bit longer.  The controls were good and smooth and I experienced no bugs.  You should try out the game for yourself.  If you're interested in the game, watch my playthrough by going to the link below: 

If you liked what you saw, check out my other horror game videos by visiting my channel:


I loved the style of this game and think it's a pretty well made short horror game.

hi itchi.o.

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Great spooky short horror game. love how it be looking like a ps1 game really freaking enjoyed it. Amazing work chromie homie!!!

Providing a fun yet scary experience, this game had me on the edge of my seat! I can't wait to see more from you

I am very excited for this new creepypasta!

Im pretty sure this is one of the first ever siren head games BEFORE siren head got popular

Although this was a pretty short game, it was fun to replay and see both endings. Great job with the depiction and movement of Siren Head in this game! 

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That was a different game and developer. I asked Trevor for permission for this game and we are on good terms!

I got confused, sorry, I'll delete my comments


lol, fun game. 

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