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This game was submitted to The Haunted PS1 Halloween Jam

Siren Head is a short interactive scene featuring a creature designed by Trevor Henderson @slimyswampghost.

You are a forest ranger searching for a missing hiker. Examine clues and follow the trail to uncover their fate.

ExamineRight Mouse

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(354 total ratings)
AuthorModus Interactive


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we need a sequal were you have a bigger forest and you get more static on screen maybe a FD1313 mode somegut made siren head videos that appear when you search FD1313 in youtuber add thoise maps sorry for bad english i am danish

One of the best siren head games that I have played! 

I played this game it was very enjoyable I did EVERYTHING possible in it please watch 

(1 edit)

Fun game, although I did not realize I could zoom in to inspect things. I was indeed being a silly goose....

can we get an update please maybe like a diffrent mode like a survival or hunting the cunt

It's fun good job

nice game, and scary

Is this before or after the date? Loved the game had a blast playing it! Thanks for making it.

it's so laggy when i boot it up. please make this game better for crappy computers.

skill issue

i would say something bad but it might get me banned off this site.

Great game, short, sweet and simple, although I wish it had more exploring and information to gather regarding the missing hiker, otherwise really good game. 馃槉

Interesting short horror Siren Head game; like it.

Interesting game!


Sin duda uno de los mejores juegos de siren head, y si no me equivoco fue el primer juego que sacaron de el 10/10

Thanks for sharing your game, it was really fun.  I always wanted to play this and finally got the opportunity :)  I just posted my "No Commentary" playthrough to my YouTube channel, @indiehorrornetwork.  All are welcome, feel free to stop by anytime, we'd love to see you there, take care!

Super short, but a fun little experience. You're pretty immersed in the game from the start, and the graphic style is neat! Funny how much fear P.S.A.s and sirens invoke in people lol.

Horrible game!


Such a great little experience, I really appreciated the art style. Great job!


this game gives 2020 vibes


Short but sweet i had a lot of fun! :)

Loved the game, short but sweet! (Your Game starts at 12:21)

great game! here is my gamplay

Very good, the Siren head model is my favorite model.
there is a bug where you go to a bush next to a tree and it gets


xbox 360 controller supor

sm potential here

Short but good!

Cool game, really scary

Gameplay Pt-Br

Nice game! i had a very weird ending tho.. i think the siren head caught me during the fade-out at the end!



This game is dedicated to my 5-year-old Nephew (he loves Siren Head)! Great little game, I loved every part of it! Here is my vid, it's the 2nd game, please enjoy.


>5 year old loves siren head
jeez, when i was 5 i was reading books not playing horror games. 
And why its ok for 5 year old to play horror games or any other games instead of being outside playing in sand box or idk but not to watch pron? like whats the difference if kid watch horror game or pron?



Horror doesn't equal sex maybe? Look at Coraline, Over the Garden Wall, The Nightmare Before Christmas, etc etc. the list goes on and on. I could even name Friday the 13th movies without sex. We just like to be scared in a safe space.


Well I dont like to be scared even in safe space

Okay lol, fair and understandable. I just thought it was a weird comparison is all, but you had me in the first half ngl.


It's not about the horror side of it, I think he just likes the look of Siren Head. He's autistic and he is obsessed with dinosaurs, maybe there's a connection between the two. 


馃槯馃槯馃槯aint no way bro u gotta be joking

so weird to equate a genre of fiction to pornography i think you may be projecting


no u

One of my first PSX style horror games.  Truly one of the best!



so cool

los graficos son medios pero ta bueno Xd

buen juego

I love ittt

My first ever sirenhead horror game and it was so good 馃槉

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