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i like the game, when i heard the EAS  sound from siren head i freaked out.


a full game for this is all i need. despite it being  short it was still really good


When i saw siren head i freaked out

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siren head is  a  amazing    original   character trevor handerson   is   unique with is art work and this fan game about siren head is good :D  i hope soon you can make a full game of this 


Really great, flawless. only too short, this is really ought to be expanded into a longer fuller length game


a very short but great game. the ambiance is perfect.




Awsome Game!

Some epic gamer moments, needs more of

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!!

With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!!

Amazing game - lots of potential. Please expand this.


Make a longer version!!! I loved the PS1  feel of the graphics and awesome sound work.

I also agree.

me gusta es un buen juego

seems to not work very well for Mac


Gameplay no commentary


Can this be expanded ?   this has a lot of potential .

Just played, and my heart did start to pace a bit. Nice work, love to sounds


Such a good experience for how short it is. I really hope you guys think about making something more with this idea! 

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trevor made more siren head pictures so pls make a part 2 or add more to the game cause this game is just to good and fun to be true, but yea i love the siren head stuff

Dude make a part two, it would be an exciting idea if it was like, In an abandoned city then you got to escape or something


This game was fun, I'd definitely like to see a full story mode or something along the lines of that.. great job!

Amazing game and character! Please make more and I hope this becomes a thing!

I love this game! I made a video doing a blind playthrough of it and fell in love. I wish it was longer though ^^

I made a video on this a long time ago before I had a decent mic lmao or any sense of how to edit...better. Love the game!


I absolutely loved this game. Just how edge of your seat this game was was awesome. The PS1 aspect was great. I will always look forward to more games by the devs. 

I found this game through Trevor Henderson because I love his work, and honestly, I liked this little experience! It was short but interesting, and the moment you actually see Siren Head is pretty well made!   I like  it's     long limbs, and the way  it    moves   feels just like how I imagined  Siren Head    would!

Just found this game and thought I would try it out!    I really enjoyed playing the game!  

Chilling, and a well paced game. If you want a short horror game to  get you scared, this is certainly it.   The atmosphere is wonderful, and  a creative and scary  monster with unique abilities to alert you when it's near is original and  well-placed.    


I NEED MORE NOW!   this game is a   masterpiece


for such a short game, this was really good! the atmosphere, graphics and everything go together so well!


holy shit, I absolutely loved this. even though the game is only about  5 minutes long, I still absolutely loved the atmosphere of this game. just absolutely bone chilling.


I liked it, I wish it was a little longer because you could probably speed run it in like a minute but I enjoy the concept of a siren head, especially because I've always been scared of those loud weather warning. It was neat and interesting


quite short, but to be honest it was a thrilling experience 

very interesting idea. I like the graphics, and the fact it is made in unity.


Very short, and very creepy. despite it's  short length it made it's point, and was very enjoyable!


Really cool, me and my mum loved it! Love the original artist too. 


Love your work, and appreciate the creepy horror atmosphere without jump scares. Love the color palette on this too.


I played yer game in my latest Horror Games vid! Hope ye enjoy!

Skip to 0:18 for the part with your game:

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