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los graficos son medios pero ta bueno Xd

buen juego

I love ittt

My first ever sirenhead horror game and it was so good 😊

i love this game soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

best game ever but can you make it much longer I know its the first game but can you make it a little bit longer

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Just thought I'd let you know my girlfriend checked this out. :)


that game is very creepy ! go to see my video

It wasn't anything breathtaking but it certainly wasn't bad 


I downloaded the siren head game and I can not figure out how to play it

it was so simple


i love cat siren head


A fun and short horror game great for a little scare 5 out of 5

This game was absolutely stunning! It was short but really creepy and scary! We panicked at the moment we saw Siren Head behind us! Nice Work and kept it up!

short and simple yet still amazing

his game was nice, short cool, and fun. I wish it was longer! It would be cool to see something like this with an actual storyline 8/10!

Dangerous Weather Warning!!! 

Not gonna lie that was pretty nice.

wohoho i love this game. its so creepy

ayo mind making this available for chromebook?

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This game was a great little horror game. It was my 2nd time playing it and I still really enjoyed playing it.

This Game Is GREAT! Highly Recommend!

Make android please

They cant, if you have a computer such as, windows/mac then, u can play.


Im a kid but I can only use my pc on classroom welp yeah

im a kid too. i have a huge pc. hope you can find a good game tho. cheers!

Jugué esto para un video y realmente me encantó la ambientación y los gráficos, Siren Head es muy lento, pero igual me encantaría ver el juego completo.

I played this for a video and I really loved the ambient and graphics, Siren Head is very slow but I would still love to see the full game.

Nice to see a Creepypasta brought to life, I definitely understand why such a thing is scary if it could keep up with a car. I would love to see a long survival game like this, imagine such a monster existing in the trenches of war.

ah i remember when firstly saw it on you tube

I wish there is a survival or endless mode

This is officially a classic in 2022! 

Full Play No Commentary 


Great game!!

Great short game, it had a spooky atmosphere, and getting chased by Siren head was terrifying

that game was really short good job on your game

the game is so gooood!!! i love it so much i love siren head is my favorite creature

You have any new games?

Love the idea behind Siren Head. Im a big fan of monsters in horror movies and games and the potential behind them. His abilities created a cool suspenseful environment and the way he blends with the environment is creepy

cool game!

I don’t know why

these websites don’t work

hello, I got a question

 why won’t it let me download the game?

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