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Super cool! It felt like a fun mix between classic horror and adventure cryptozoology. The style really added something to it, too. The graphics just leave more to the imagination, which makes it all the scarier :D

how can i play game??

siren head

I enjoyed this! Short and sweet and loved Siren Head's look and the audio!  Could there be more to come from  Siren Head?

Here's my vid on it :)

Nice!!! Enjoyed this short a lot! 80's vibes  :)

Finally got to play this game, have been wanting to for a while. It's part of a multi game video starting at 13:39! I really love this game. It's short in length but there is no shortage of weird and creepy!   

This game was wayy more fun than it should be!

im on a gaming laptop and my fps is locked at 30. why?

I just saw some content like Siren Head is SCP -6789 i guess it not make sense so many creature got stolen by scp commu so i'll record this game and help to shove real detail this creature.

Short and amazing! I made a small video on it, here's the link!

really good game but why is my fps locked at 30

he is missing

Siren head has appered in the first  games of terror! short and impressive  game well done!

A really good game , short but good.  If anyone is interested here's the game.

Truly amazing game.   great atmosphere.


Hi. Someone on Reddit mentioned the Siren Head character which I'd never heard of and it sounded intriguing, so I  typed it into Google and came across your game via a YouTube video. It looks super creepy and it would be awesome to play it, but the Mac download doesn't work.

When I open the zip file, I  get a txt file which is normal but when I try and open the file with the icon, it says it can't open the application.

I've tried this both with the normal download and the redownload it suggests.

Hi. This is  Apple's fault, actually. I'm on the latest MacOS Catalina and it works fine here, but you have to mark the launcher inside the .app's content folder as an executable.  In latest versions of MacOS, when you download unknown binaries from the internet,  the OS marks the launcher of this application as non-executable. To make it work, after you extract the .zip file, right-click on the .app file > show package contents, then open a terminal inside its Contents/MacOS folder. Then, type "chmod +x Siren\ Head\ v1.0" . Go back to the .app file and you can now open it normally.

Wow thank you for pointing this out. I had no idea what was causing it. Thanks for making things easy Apple 😐

No problem. I was also puzzled by this at first. I mean, it makes some sense when you think about security and all, but it's annoying nonetheless.

I opened a New Terminal At Folder on the MacOS folder and typed in verbatim what you wrote along with a bunch of variations in case I misunderstood (using v1.1 instead of v1.0 because that's the version I  have) but Terminal kept telling me  "No such file or directory".

It has to be the folder "inside" the .app file. See, each .app file in MacOS has a "content folder" inside it. Maybe you're in the wrong directory. You have to right-click the .app file after the .zip file was extracted and select "show package contents". Then, inside this folder, open a terminal inside its Contents/MacOS folder. To confirm you're inside the right .app folder, use the command "pwd". You should get something like:


If you're somewhere else, it should not work.

That's what I  did. It was on the MacOS folder inside the package contents of the application.

There actually was a mod out for a while. Not much - but it's something.

is it possible it will be available for android?


Eh. Wasn't really feeling this one. I was playing it without  sound, so that might have something to do with it, but otherwise  I just really didn't like it as much as I wanted to.

It's really short, and the fact I can run back to my car before the monster starts chasing me shows how predictable it is.

Then again, I was playing casually without sound, so that could have spoiled everything...

Short and creepy. That creature was well done,  slow but relentless. Be good to see   a longer more developed version.

good game

really liked it

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Very well put together but, could've had a better setting/map (maybe have it a tad bit    later   at night?). I really like the idea but this was a very short game (I've made the same mistake before in all honesty). The atmosphere was there but the gameplay wasnt. Don't be afraid to expand on what you have. overall  You did a great job!  

Simple and short horror game, nice fitting eerie and creepy atmosphere and jesus Siren Head gave me the creeps just because of him speaking into the speakerphone overall it was a great simple horror game


LOVED IT! You seriously need a higher production of this idea... its terrifying. All these sounds... screams... and the channels that he's changing to... sounds like the souls of everyone it's killled... 


̶̠̻H̲̯͕̲̦̟È̗̠̻̖̫ ̵ḬṢ͚̳̤̼͓͞ ̶H̛͔͖̞͚E̝̺̹̹͚̹R͝E̬͕͚͓̲̰

It keeps downloading as a zip file and i can't play it


Here's an explanation with classical music for ya:

tldw: extract the zip

I beat it in like 2 minutes... am I missing something or is that really it?

It's not a full game, just a scene. Sort of like a tech demo, but for an artistic idea.


I really enjoy this game! Timestamp: 6:44

Me encanto el juego, corto pero divertido

YouTuber:   PatrickGame


I loved the game m8! I played it and recorded it:

When I hear siren head's siren sound, I think I  

hear a tornado siren.


great game


I really enjoyed this and would love to see more with some of Trevor's other creations. Well done! You captured the PS1 feeling very well.


Awesome Graphics, Awesome Sounds!

I cant figure out how to set it up

oh my.. i got goosebump when i see this a thumbnail of siren head in youtube.. and look at it from google..  cuz i once had a dream as a kid..maybe 20 years ago..i dream about tall creatures with heads like Lamp.. a Mic.. and then there's siren head and and some few  can't remember... and there i was..buried on the ground with only head above... and they are  surrounding me.. looking down on me... its kinda creepy..

i like the game, when i heard the EAS  sound from siren head i freaked out.

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