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for such a short game, this was really good! the atmosphere, graphics and everything go together so well!


holy shit, I absolutely loved this. even though the game is only about  5 minutes long, I still absolutely loved the atmosphere of this game. just absolutely bone chilling.


I liked it, I wish it was a little longer because you could probably speed run it in like a minute but I enjoy the concept of a siren head, especially because I've always been scared of those loud weather warning. It was neat and interesting


quite short, but to be honest it was a thrilling experience 

very interesting idea. I like the graphics, and the fact it is made in unity.


Very short, and very creepy. despite it's  short length it made it's point, and was very enjoyable!


Really cool, me and my mum loved it! Love the original artist too. 


Love your work, and appreciate the creepy horror atmosphere without jump scares. Love the color palette on this too.


I played yer game in my latest Horror Games vid! Hope ye enjoy!

Skip to 0:18 for the part with your game:




Woah, the creature is really disturbing, loved it


it would be cool if the end cutscene was longer with the guard having to get in the car and the siren head catching him


That was a fun little short!


Epic short indie horror experience as already stated very cool monster I loved the ps1 graphics and yea silent hill vibes loved it!


vary neet an intier game made out of this would be fantastic. thumbs up

perfect gaming experience.


Just played this game and I will say that it was fun 


Loved how it was short and to the point. Perfectly timed and the reveal of the monster was startling. Very Silent Hill-esque while being it's own thing. Thanks!


This was fun, please make it longer! The monster actually scared me, but no joke. Please make it longer

I would love to see more of this game! The monster is so unique!

I really couldn't stop thinking about Paratopic while playing this. For a short little experience it was executed well. I think a series of these mini-vignettes would make for a pretty cool project. Here's a little bit of my time with it.

This game had such a creepy atmosphere that it got me more than the actual monster did. i don't know if there was a way to out run the monster but it was good all the same.


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I loved the expirience, thank you veery much. I would like to know how do you get these visual effects in the textures with Unity3D


Cool scare

Hi!  this game was short but really good, some advices:

1# the monster should be more faster than the player (the player easily can scape from the monster)

2# add more difficulty to escape from the monster (for example, when you got out from the car you accidentally throw down the car's keys and you need to find it before scape)

Not really a big fan of horror, but this game was absolutely fun to play even for its size!

this is the start of something really cool! Even though it's short, it sets up the premise of a unique horror experience! I would love to see this flushed out to a longer game!

This was great! We enjoyed it very much!

Here is a short video we made while playing:

please make a chrome OS version of the game. Pleas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I hope my thumbnail says it all. This creation is terrifying and I loved it!

Your  game  starts  at  11:40

Well now, that's me traumatised and put off from hiking for quite a while! A very unique little experience featuring a truly unique monster (I think you did a cracking job bringing Trevor's creation to life!).

Sometimes games don't need a whole lot of background story or hours and hours of gameplay. Sometimes all you need is five minutes to chill someone to the bone. And this is a great example of that! Keep up the great work, this was cracking =)

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Excuse me! I must ask "HOW?" since I cant even think that a game like this could scare somebody so hard that they decided to "put off from hiking for quite a while". how does this game scare you! I realy whana know since this game dosent scare me! im not someone who cant get scared easaly, when there is a spooky game and I get scared I usualy do the good ol' "ALT+F4".   this game did have a good build up but the pay off wasent that scary (Personaly I think an Air-Raid Siren would've worked better). and that isnt only me I made my friends play the game and all of them sayd "this game isnt scary" one of them even bursted into laughter when he saw the spooky creature. PLEASE I BEG YOU, COULD YOU TELL ME WHY DO YOU FEEL THE GAME IS SCARY!?

Purely the atmosphere and the build-up. All about the scene-setting! Different strokes for different folks (and the being put off hiking line was not as serious as you may have taken it).

Made a video

This was really good. I wish there was more! I could see it being such a creepy game. Great work :D

Really interesting game! Loved everything about the creature from the sound effects to the visual effects when it got close!

It was certainly different, nice creature. 

Pretty cool.  While short it was quite unique. I like the design of the monster, but the terrain could use some work.

Interesting and well done if a bit short.


Hi! Thanks for making this game, I made you a video

DID YOU HEAR THAT?! | Siren Head Full Gameplay Walkthrough

Oh man, the sound design was super  creepy! -Grey

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