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The fog horn helped create a more horror filled environment, but I found this game to be more funny than scary and enjoyed every minute. The game looks nice and runs pretty well and is good for the short time the game was made in. Nice job.

Good to see Pyramid Head's brother getting some screen time!

visual style is great (although those trees probably be less cartoony as multi-billboards)

gameplay is too minimal. so minimal that it may have worked better as a short film

This was pretty good! I liked the design of the monster and how it glitched the surroundings if it was close. It's a nice mechanic! I played this as part of my three short horror games and this is the first one I played! Good job!

This was hella spooky! the siren sound was actually terrifying!! i love these kind of eerie sounds! :D great job on this game :D 

Would definitely play a full game of this if it ever happened... seriously, I love the idea of it... favorite of the entire "Jam" [played two jam games, siren head starts at 8:47]

Siren man two please!!!!

um siren head? That’s hilarious!

I loved that idea.


I checked out your game and i think its really cool. I have an instagram page which showcases indie games. Can I give your game a shoutout? sort of like a mini review

here's my page:


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"this isnt exacly what I would call scary" is the exact thing I say'd after finishing the game. im not sure but the game didnt scare me, it didnt even so much as make me feel a thing, maby when I saw "SIREN HEAD" I got in expething a game in a city simiral to silent hill with spooky siren head that was hunting you down and you had to avoid him find out th- bla bla B L A. long story short I setted up my expetation way to high but I did see a siren head...



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tell me how! I realy whana know! becose it didnt scare me! I saw the "Siren Head" and he was so standing there and when he started chasing I think that "siren" sound that he made wasent exacly scary that or his slow speed. there were no stakes in place to scare me.  the build up was good but the pay off wasent that scary. I made my friends play this and they said that this game wasent scary one friend began to laugh when he saw "siren head". so I ask again' good "The Demon Studios" Were is the Scare?

I enjoyed the game fairly well actually. For being pretty short the whole concept from the begining was creepy man. From the monster design to the sound effects make this a well crafted game. 

home made


Gave it a go...(SKIP TO 11:17)

toi khong bieu dieu khien


Really cool game dude! The monster was actually really terrifying. You nailed the atmosphere too!




Ahhhhh love this so much! Way to capture the whole aesthetic of both Trevor's work and that entire classic horror game era! Beautiful experience all around


Short but cool design!

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