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Knight's Try is a difficult 64 bit styled platforming game. Take on the role of an honorable Knight of Trye attempting to complete their sacred trial by leaping through a world full of perilous pitfalls and dangerous traps!




  • Classic platforming action!
  • Nostalgic 64 bit 3D graphics!!
  • Adjustable difficulty level!!!
  • Custom soundtrack powered by your own MIDI files!!!!
  • Knights!!!!!


If at first you don't succeed, try Trye again!

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
AuthorModus Interactive
Tags3D, Difficult, n64, Retro, secrets


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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My head canon, knights try takes place a few years after the adult timeline in ocarina of time. The hero of time went back to the temple of time to return back to the past few years ago,  Hyrule is at peace. In the land of Trye, knights from all over come here to hone their own heroic skills. Just in case should someone like Ganondorf would appear. Causing immense chaos like the first. 


Hello I started playing Knight’s Try 4 days ago, and have now beaten the game in Squire, and Knight mode, totaling 914 tries. As i found that there was no save quit in options, and couldn’t find a way to go to the castle from in a level, or at the end of the game, I just saved and quit the game. It seemed to save my progress just fine. When I completed Knight mode however, i was left in the flight section, and I closed the game and reopened it. It did not recognize me having beaten the game in Knight mode. I wanted to see where the mysterious cave thing goes, and I planned to practice to beat the game in Arch Knight, but I can’t say I want to if it doesn’t show my accomplishment, and grant  me access to the additional content.

If there is a way to save and quit to save my progress I’d like to know. I am playing on switch, if that has anything to do with it.

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Oh ya, I should say that I love the Game, great job!

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Thank you for this amazing short game. My only wish for this game is to have a level creator so that the community can come together and share their fondness of the game. It would add tons. Hoping the best for this game in the future.


can we have a free one iam 9 and it would upset my parents if i got it and paid 9.99


Just finished the game on Arch-Knight and wanted to ask a few easter egg questions!

-Is there anything to do with the failed knight and the Weird Room or are they just fun details?

-Is there any way to get to the very top of the overworld castle? You've got me itching to uncover more secrets haha

Great work on the game!


Those are all just Easter eggs and references to my other games. There are also a couple more you didn't mention! There isn't a way to get to the top of the castle though unfortunately 😅

Thanks for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Wonderful game. I put in many, many, hours completing Knight and Arch-Knight Mode. Painstakingly difficult, though rewarding. You struck gold with this Modus; truly excellent work.


Thank you so much for playing!

Is there a way to move a save from one build version to the next?

Also, sometimes when jumping and hugging a wall you lose all upward momentum, as if hitting your head on something. Can cause issues in the dungeon section.


Nothing should have changed with the saves, so I'll need to look into that.

As for the wall bumping, that's something I've noticed and just couldn't seem to track down. I'll continue to try and find the issue though 


I can't seem to find why the save would have been lost between versions, but if you remember what you had unlocked I can make you a new save file with that data.

Oh sorry, I didn't realize if I booted 1.3 it would still access my save file, I thought I'd have to copy it over lol. It works and I'm good to go, thanks for your help! - v -;


Oh that's good to hear, had a small panic that I erased everyone's saves with the update somehow 😅


Really fun game, the camera is a bit janky tough


Hey I was wondering if there are plans for a dlc of some sort with the weird egg there is in the second cavern.

No plans yet! That egg is a reference to one of my other games 😁

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There's something that should probably be fixed: when players go near an edge, and sometimes when leaving a button, they get put into slide state and they can no longer jump. This makes you just fall off and die. This happens especially a lot in the final checkpoint of the game where there's a lot of buttons on small platforms and the knight slides off the button, continues off the edge, and just falls in the pit and eats you jump inputs, killing you. I ate the most deaths in that final zone because of this. The 2nd most in that section was the, uh boss' weapon being jank and hitting me while inside a cage (like right after I raised it, think bullets can just kinda slip in sometimes?).

Also, sometimes jumps are just slightly shorter than they should be on the base knight, might be because of the slight acceleration on movement startup (although I swear it happened on jumps when I was moving too), but on some jumps where you need your full jump to make it, it just kinda kills you and you dont make it. Some jumps he just like barely makes it and only if you dont air strafe and hold w down and jump at the last moment and keep holding w and he kinda pops up over the edge; then you do this baby jump and you just die when you cant spare even the smallest loss of height or distance. 

But yeah glad to see you making something aside from atmospheric walking sims. Surprised by the amount of content in this game and there's even more secrets I haven't gotten unless I beat the harder difficulty.

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Has earnest old-school soul, and is refreshingly pure. It also makes me long for the carefree handholding of Sen's Fortress.


I Love this game, THANK YOU! for your hard efforts. Works great with a controller.

Thanks for playing!!


Incredibly good game


Looks amazing! Can you play this with a controller? :)


You can, and it's highly recommended!


thanks really needed this after finishiing madvent 2


Hopefully my recent play through of Mario 64 has awakened the right muscle memories. 


I started learning to speed run SM64 in the middle of developing this game. Hope you practiced your backwards long jumps!


oh no really? I'm doomed