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hi do u want to make a collab??

this was a amazing game, beautiful visuals and in over all gorgeous game, it took me a while to find the purple star seed but when i found it i was so happy lol, but overall amazing game, very nicely done


Made an analysis/ deep dive on your game because it really spoke to me :) I hope more people discover the world of Iketsuki and find a deeper meaning in it just like I did :D

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Interesting.. kinda reminds me of souls in the way of story telling (in a good way), o, also found thats second odd seed thats change fish form, it was fun, but understand the last thing knight was needed its a bit tricky. Art styyle is pretty good, even with ps1 grapics the game looks cool, i especially enjoy this styalize environment lighting, black distant objects also looks well in there. Sounds effects are good imo, even like the way you made dialogue sounds, the platforming itself quite ruff (think it will be better had you more time), but its quite ok i guess. I enjoy your game, Thanks you!

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The game is short, but autosaving will be usefull

This game was the perfect blend of weird and engaging, I absolutely loved it

it is understandable why it closes, but i also agree thats quit to menu would be a better option

a masterfully made game.


I love this game. It made me feel the sadness, the melancholy and the beauty of a dying world, the regret of its last inhabitants and the sad sweetness of the last beautiful things that remained. It made me feel the sense of guilt and the helpless, desperate desire of the god, and the hopeless stillness of the wait for the end, when there's nothing that can really "happen" anymore and there's all the time of the world, if you need it. It made me feel the fear and the desperation as I remained alone and the darkness engulfed me.

Great work.

I'm back to this beautyfull game after a year. It's still as good as it was in my memories. But I still don't know where the last starseed is lol. Can I have some help please ? 

I'm talking about the second one on the left in the inventory next to the odd starseed.


Look around the tree :3

Thank you very much ! But now what am I supposed to do with the knight ? Can I just have an hint please ? ^^' 


give him  "somthing special"  hehe  ... (special Fishi . _ . )

i really loved several parts of this game. the atmosphere comes through clear and strong through the visual style, music, and sound effects. there were also a few starseeds that were hidden in a way that made platforming feel satisfying. 

about the platforming: at first, i was not fond of how much air control you had when jumping. holding down the sprint button while airborne allowed you to cover a greater distance. it felt a bit odd tbh. however, there comes a point where the level design really highlights this feature. early game, however, i didn't find it as impactful. 

also, the objectives weren't super clear. you get to a point where the loop is more obvious once you start feeding fish to the creature in the tunnel. after that, though, i had to watch a playthrough to understand that i basically had to do the same thing for the knight. 

once i completed the objectives in the first main level, i tried to finish the game. however, the game crashed after i had fallen off a platform and no data was saved. auto save would have been nice. i was so engrossed in the gameplay that i would not have noticed a manual save if it was even available. 

i was not in the mood to go through the gameplay loop several more times. also, maybe it's a bug but if you create multiple different colors of fish and feed the creature in the tunnel, the creature doesn't appear to "remember" that you fed it a purple fish after a immediately feeding it a yellow one. it only seems to "remember" or "save" what you fed them after you choose to speak to them after giving a fish. but like, once i realized all i had to do was feed it fish, i just collected the rest of the starseeds, brought it all the different colors of fish, then talked to it. the game will not recognize this, however, so be warned.

was a bit lame that the creature couldn't appreciate my foresight and insisted that i repeat my actions. overall, i enjoyed my time playing. maybe one day i'll come back and replay the game and see it through to the end.

i would 100% recommend giving this game a try!

what is the font used in the cover image?


This game was great, super cool atmosphere throughout (especially the sound design) and the platforming mechanics worked well

I played at this game it was so good I really enjoyed it I didn't understand the story very well but that's not a fault of the game that's just me being dumb but thank you very much for making this this was really good and I'm very sorry if you do watch my video I'm very sorry but I messed up the title of the game I'm really sorry but thank you very much for making iketsuki it was really good highly recommended for a short fun experience in the aesthetic was amazing
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This one is a gem. I really liked how the lore was so ambiguous, as well as the place you were in itself. The atmosphere is so good and very unique, the dying world vibe is definitely palpable.

Great sound design too, really liked the soothing sounds of the water and the crystals.

9 fish out of 10


This game is great, idk but im a sucker for vibes. And the world is just so alien and fascinating I can't help but love it. Something about it's ideas too. Please make more games like this, or just keep making games in general lol

The game crashed on me :'( while I was trying to feed the pink starseed to the fish. Disappointing cause I was really engaged. Short enough that I'll prolly go back through, just not right now. The first part, before getting the multi-jump upgrade, has honestly been the most challenging part. Surprisingly enjoyable. Lots of little quirks about the design that I enjoy.

Really enjoyed this one, it was pretty relaxing but had just enough happening to keep the interest going. Had a unique vibe compared to other walking sim games I've played and had cool dialogue. Glad I checked it out for a video (:

50% of the time spent in this game is mostly creating, feeding and delivering the fish which isn't very interesting but the visual experience and overall ambience pays off! good game!

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Have you ever thought to bring Iketsuki to the Wii as homebrew?

there a way we can save parts of the game so when we quit out of it we dont start over?

Sorry, there is no way to save! It's meant to be played through in one sitting.


This game really managed to make me think really hard with its ending. Even after finishing it I’m still left with more questions than answers, and that’s a good thing.

this game really brought back a lot of memories i wish there was more non horror PS1 style games like this.


I need answers. What do you do with the second odd star? It changes the fishs proportions. And what then? I feel like I've tried everything many times. I need to know if there is a secret ending.

you need to give the rainbow colored fish to the knight looking guy 


It was a really fun platformer, especially the floatiness of the jumps feel surprisingly fitting to the game's world. I think it could use more of a game ending well... ending as I did everything but I still ran around looking for what I still can do only to find out that I finished the game already :)


Just finished this game, I really loved it.

A dying world dismantling in front of your own eyes,while once was a paradise in a fantasy world.This is Iketsuki,a platformer that was heavily influenced from Dark Souls.

The atmosphere that they created with the setting being the post apocalyptic dying world is fantastic and very rare in the community.

Once was a life giver to a paradise,the Starseeds,are waiting you to collect them and use them in the fish pool getting illumination from the big shining orb.Then feed it to the Lovecraftian creature Numen.

Despite world map being small and plot being so simple,that definitely makes that game feel much more major than it seems like.It accomplishes that with only 2 interactable character and I love that part.

Gameplay is kind of repetitive in it but I understand it points out to that only being a small experience.If they were to make a bigger game from it though it could have been much better in my opinion.

Hello, I played this game and I really enjoyed it, finding the seeds was really fun and I managed to find all of them which was neat, good work :)


very cool game and interesting story. Loved it!


I can't have enough of Modus Interactive games. This was a beautiful experience to play. I can easily see myself lovingly thinking about this the entire upcoming week, just as it happened with Sanguine Sanctum lmao

I did get stumped on what to do with the odd starseeds, so I ended up coming here to see the comments for help, and I assume they were likely meant for an ending that was scrapped? It's too bad, I felt really clever when I figured out one of the odd starseeds makes fish change shape lmao


I had this game on my hard drive for like 1,5 years. Completely forgotten, I once launched it when not being able to sleep and wondering what the name might stand for. Found myself in an amazing crazy world that will stay with me for years. Beautiful stuff!

Years on and this game still haunts me with its implications. I feel unfulfilled without the alternate ending you've teased. Surely you can find time to come back to this project and give all of us long time fans some proper closure? 


If you're like me, you've always enjoyed breaking out of bounds and trying to find things that the devs might've hidden away or forgot about.  Seen here is:
(1) Behind Numen's Arm     (2) Above the Temple's Moon hole

(3) Behind the Unreachable Tree    (4) Down in the Pool's Pit

I would love to know more about the development of this game.  Specifically, was the Pool Pit originally planned to serve some sort of purpose?  Same with the Rupee-shaped indent in the wall next to it, was that originally intended for something?  

I also hope to see this game expanded upon someday, maybe to explain more of the lore.  Like what the weird moving growths were on the terrain in certain areas, why there's plant like objects that're shaped like viruses, and what sort of event is happening with the energy-looking beams being sucked into the moon.


This is so cool! I love out of bounds stuff like this and I think this is the first time someone has done it to one of my games! I didn't even know you could reach these places.

I had some plans for alternate endings that I scrapped for time, and one did involve the pool pit. The indent on the wall was always just for decoration. There was a waterfall in there originally, but I liked it better without.

I would like to expand on it some day, but I currently don't have any plans for it. Thanks for playing and I really enjoyed these OOB screenshots!


Praise you for having an auto-run option, that alone makes you the most competent developer on this site. Awesome, beautiful game! Loved the sound-effects!


Amazing game. I liked every bit of this. Congrats and keep it up!


...and here is Part Two of my play-through.

Again, had a lot of fun with this game.  Part of me wishes it had been longer, but I like that it's a truncated, abbreviated time in a world on its way out.  That seemed fitting.  I also liked not knowing what the #$%@ was going on most of the time, and just getting enraptured in that.   Good time all around.


Don't let the video fool you.  I fell a lot, I ranted a lot, but I actually had a lot of fun with this game.  I loved the idea that I was walking the remnants of a world just on the cusp of doomsday.  Not horror in the traditional sense, but the strange mix of serenity and dread had a profound effect on me.  Really enjoyed it overall.

Here's Part One of my two-part play-through. 


Relaxing first person platformer. I love it!

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