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Made for the Haunted PS1 Halloween Jam


"Long before the skies turned to blood and our world was shattered, Iketsuki stood, its ceaseless thrumming reverberating through the land."


Iketsuki is an atmospheric platforming game set in the final hours of a dying world.

  • Take leaps of faith across vast chasms in search of gleaming Starseeds.
  • Raise and tend to a school of beautiful Moon Fish.
  • Discover the denizens of the mysterious Iketsuki.
  • Witness the final breaths of a world slowly slipping into oblivion.

InteractE / Left Mouse Button


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Iketsuki v1.31 28 MB
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Beautiful game you did a very good job! o(*^@^*)o 

I love love, LOVE the zelda ocarina of time vibes in this game it felt like I was actually playing something like that! But the story is very good and everything is perfect! I loved the ending. Very content with the way it turned out. I love this game ヾ(≧▽≦*)o


I've collected a red and a blue starseed and now I don't know what to do . . 

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First, You are gonna want to put a starseed in the glowing blue orb in the castle thing then wait for it to spawn a little blue ball into the water then you wait for it to become a fish then you take out a starseed by pressing the "I" or the "O" key (I can't remember which one so try both I guess) And then drop it by clicking but make sure you drop it in front of the fish so the fish can eat it and then you just do that with every starseed that the thing in the room asks you for   I hope this helps! If not then try to look up a walkthrough 


I figured it out already with the help of a youtube video, but thanks anyway ^^

Oh ok


ive actually played this over a dozen times i really like this one. ples make more stuff like this ples.

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Loved the game, so I made a speedrun of it! Unfortunately, OBS didn't record the audio :/


Fun and surreal, classic Modus. Love it.


Very good game...thanks :D


This is SO cool! It gives me some type of strange RPG horror vibes and has an awesome classic look, i found myself very immersed in the story quite quick. Overall fascinating and fun, if that can apply.


Part 1, in portuguese(Br), I shall make a playlist to your studio, Modus Interactive Playlist. ;)


Is it unfinished?

Great game! I feel bad for the numen... he clearly felt bad for whatever happened. Wish I could've used the odd starseeds to save him or something. Great game! Liked the atmosphere.

Strange, though, was controller support intended? I noticed I could use one to move and jump, but not to open the inventory or interact.


This is my first game played here on Itch.
Honestly this game is impressive, I loved the PSX like graphics and it's atmosphere, impressive reflections on the fishes!

 The formula as First Person Platformer works also very well in this game, gravity and jumps all well calibrated. 

I will try more of your games hoping to find other good :]

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Felt really immersed in this one.

Thanks for Linux support. Nice work!



Honestly Modus is probably my favorite game devs.  I really like how in most of his games the objective/end goal is something that you might feel uneasy about doing.  I had to keep feeding my fish to the ominous "Numen" and then I realized that the object of the game was to essentially let the knight destroy this strange, beautiful world.  It was almost bittersweet because I really liked hopping over the abyss and growing beautiful colorful fish.  This game feels like a creepy haunted version of a lot of the games I used to play as a kid.  Played this so many times.  Please keep making games for Mac.

Fantastic atmosphere and great platforming.

my only gripe with the game was that feeding the guy fish can be quite tedious. i went out and got all the star seeds then thats the platforming bit done, most of the game from then is just running back and forth grabbing a fish and waiting for it to spawn, then change its colour.  especially how slow this process is and sometimes the fish misses the star or goes under the bridge and you cant get it.

but i have to say that the atmosphere alone made it worth playing...



even if i didn't cry, i'm sure my guts cried

the language, the world, the characters...

all of them so mysterious and i love LOVE the style this game is in. I absolutely adore low-poly-graphic games (i'm not even sure am i saying the right word for low graphic games)
my computer can't run big games, but this ran NO PROBLEM

this game will always have a place in my heart for the tiny clip of story we got in this package. thank you for this masterpiece ❤

Thank you so much! Hearing that it made an impact on you truly means a lot. ✨🐟🌙


This was marvelous, congratulations, and sincere thanks.

Thank you for playing and for the kind words!


In my opinion, probably one of the best games from 2019, for a game-jam or otherwise. It was astoundingly creative, Horrifying in the way modern horror games fail and overall a magical experience.

Thank you so much and thanks for playing! ✨🐟🌙


I'm a little late to the party on this one, but I have to say this game is extremely well made!

I expected this to be a short 5 minute game (being a jam game) that would be fun but not very fleshed out. Man, was I wrong. This game honestly felt like some sort of pilgrimage or something. I think it took me about 50 minutes to beat the game!

There's pretty much no hand holding to what you "need" to do, but once you figure it out, it does become slightly clearer what you need to be doing.

HATE first person platforming in games, but very surprisingly, this game controls very well, so it's implementation is not frustrating at all!

The game also has a beautiful PS1 era aesthetic, that really reminded me of the PS1 version of Myst.

All in all, this game was fantastic, and you get a hell of a lot of experience for a free game, definitely check it out!

Here's my playthrough for anyone interested (I did find all starseeds):


Just played through this. It was really cool. I love the aesthetic and abstract atmosphere. If you developed this further I would definitely be interested. As a Unity dev myself, I would love to know how you got that PSX aesthetic to work; I'll have to do some research on that. I would have liked to map the jump button to a mouse button though, but that's just a minor nitpick. Overall, I really enjoyed this, you did a great job!

I have only one question: is it possible to change the outcome using "odd starseeds"?

Nope, they're solely cosmetic!

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Thanks! Okay, one more question: did Numen actually kill Anahel during their struggle (it seemed to me that he was missing a leg in the end)?

I haven't seen anyone else point it out, but yes Anahel is missing a leg and most of an arm.


A very imaginative and immersive environment. I want to play more but don't have patience for jumping puzzles.- That said, the jumping is quite forgiving once you get used to it, I just am not very good at it I guess.


Well done. Weird aesthetic and strange mood for an efficient platform game. I had fun playing. Thank you ++


zen. dead, gone

I made an account just to comment how much I love this game. I love the nostalgic feeling and the mystery surrounding it. I was instantly sucked into the world and wanted to know more about everything in it. Great game!

No one uses 32bit linux these days


I had a lot of fun playing through this game. I made a walkthrough for anyone that wants to know how to find all the starseeds or just listen to some commentary.


This game is dripping in aesthetic, and I absolutely love it! Excellent job!


What are the odds we'll ever see that alternate ending?


I want to see continued


Thank you for this hidden GEM


I like it :)


I really really really like this game


Absolutely wonderful, as always! The visual effects, the color scheme, the fishies, everything was on point. A great short story.


This reminded me of running around Xen in Half Life. I know it was made for a jam, but I really hope you expand the game as I would love to see more. 


i really liked this game, you/you guys are very creative!


Thanks for the upload, It works perfectly now! :)

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A linux version would be lovely, some characters are not visible with wine.
I love the aesthetic, it reminds me of playing the scary sections of Harry Potter games on my old toaster of a PC =)
Not joking or saying it lightly : it reminds me of Dark Souls' atmosphere as well.
I also dreamed I played  a vastly expanded version of this game after a very short session, so it seems it left quite the impact !

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I have no way of testing a Linux build, but it would be easy to make one. I just make no promises about the amount of bugs in it!

[Edit] The build is up now, go ahead and give it a try!


Loved it. Here's $10.


I like the Dragon Slayer 'easter egg' that the knight-guy holds


Ha! You're the first person to point that out! Thanks for playing!

Not a problem, btw, where was the other 'special' seed? D:<

You were actually extremely close to it at one point, it's outside the giant tree! I should let you know that there is no special ending with them though. I originally planned to use them for something but ended up cutting that feature. I just left them in for fish aesthetics.

MAN, I climbed all over that tree and missed it?! Even climbed to the Tippity-top!!

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