Groaning Steel v1.2

The Handling Update!

-Added Handling modes.

You can now switch between GRIP and STUNT modes on the fly by pressing Alt. STUNT mode allows you to drift easily and roll/flip more quickly. GRIP mode increases traction which improves acceleration as well as reducing roll/flip speed in air.

-Fixed a bug where the control menu would not appear on the level preview screen.


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Jul 08, 2019

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This is a great concept and I would simply love seeing it developed into a full game!

In case you are still working on the development would it be possible to add an info that missions become completed only after beating the track? I didn't find any mention of it in the readme file.
Maybe it stems from my unfamiliarity with driving games but it really stumped me at first - even with 400k points gathered the mission still wasn't completed. At first I thought that it was a bug.

For some time I even assumed that each mission has to be completed within the two minutes time limit. I didn't thought that it would be at all possible for me to accomplish while gathering the meats.


I can see how that could be confusing! If I develop it further I could definitely add in a little pop-up message informing the player of when they complete a mission. Thank you for the feedback!



thank you!