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Played game. Game good.

Were you influenced by Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite on this one?


I wasn’t! I honestly don’t remember what my inspirations were for this at the time. 

Will there be a full version of The Snow of Basidia? Because I'd like to achieve a good ending.


Modus nails atmosphere yet again. Your games are the best.


Amazing little experience that manages to be both unsettling and grandiose at the same time. Love the soundtrack too.


Really really liked it, I love your graphical style, love the soundtrack, and it made think a lot and put me into a strange mood (between really chill and uncomfortable, a mix of both), and this is the type of video games that I think of as art, some video games are entertainment, but this is art.

[Potential Spoilers Below]

I was wondering, is there a "real ending" (like something happens and the game is over) or is the "other universe travel" an ending itself ?


Thank you so much!


There is an ending and an area past the “other universe”...maybe you should sleep on it a while?

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No problem, played a couple other games made by you (I don't remember the name, but the one with the flying train in the empty city was the first one that I played, and I love it !) and I loved all of them !

And well I'll try harder and see what I get !


That was really awe inspiring & thought provoking. I consider a game good when it puts me in the right mood and evokes emotions organically, and this put me in about 7 different moods one after the other.

I found a glitch that when the game glithes that it "resets" the glass on the right side it hasnt have colision  

It was awesome and really inspirational. I love the atmosphere and sense of time and velocity. 


It was awesome, although I think maybe it would've been 5/5 if you had released another ending, such as arriving to a base and finish properly the mission instead of jumping in the final creepy world, which was a great ending too.


I wish there was videos on this game!

Hey, I might just make some.


You are a genius!! This is a masterpiece! I felt almost completely immersed. And the ending left so much to speculate on... Are there multiple endings to this experience?

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Unfortunately there's only the one ending.


Amazing experience. Sound design was great; really enjoyed the music. The universe is beautiful, isn't it? 


freaked me out, great work!


Spooky. I love it though!


Very neat!


nice one, how much time did you spend on this game?

Thanks! I can't remember exactly, but I think it took around a month from start to finish.