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| | There is no one here anymore, yet the trains continue to run. | |







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i found this after playing siren head im glad i found games like this for some reason i enjoy games like this


"There is no one here anymore" You can't fool me, I clearly saw that shadowy phantom.

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. Nice Job!


Saw what? I have no idea what you're talking about...


i cant tell if im relaxed or uneased i love it 


That's absolutely awesome. I love atmosphere of that world

any chances of getting this on mac? 


thank you!


Alright, should be available now! Let me know if you run into any issues.

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is the unstoppable spinning part of the gameplay or just a bug? i love the aesthetics, but i'm in the middle of a cold, so the experience is being really unpleasant.


Hmmm, there shouldn't be anything disorienting like that. Was it the camera that was out of control? Could you still walk around normally?


the game was picking up my ps2 controller as if i was constantly turning left, i disconected it and now i can play without any problems. Sorry about that . 

I like the tone of the game.  it  feels  like something deeply tragic has happened in that place. It would be nice to be able to enter the buildings and see some remains  of what it used to be. 


Really nice, I think more minor interactable things like the train ride would be great. Love your style.


Thanks! I originally had more in mind for this game, but I decided to focus on other projects. I might come back to it every once in a while and add some more points of interest!