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bro someone make an installation tutorial I beg, I have no clue how to get this to run D:

never mind I figured it out, I just didn't know how to use 7zip correctly lol

Great game, a lovely mix of the surreal with a kind of peaceful, quiet and somewhat isolated horror. It was interesting unveiling the strangeness and trying to figure out what's going on, only for everything to fall apart at the end with no answers. Enjoyed the experience, thanks so much for creating :)

One of the most underrated horror games I have ever seen or played, based solely on its incredible world design. It's obvious that the dev had a solid artistic vision, and they realized it beautifully. The game has a strange, foreboding, sometimes chilling atmosphere that really captures and exemplifies the fantastic thematic potential that comes with the horror genre.



Totally wicked vibe, really makes me feel like I have stepped into a world that I don't belong in.


I adore this game. It's no real "ahhh! a huge monster in my face!" kind of game, nor is it a super action packed puzzle game. This game is a work of art, it utilizes beautiful lighting and amazing looking game mechanics coupled by these otherworldly and horrifyingly beautiful sprites. Play this game, you wont regret it.


Gave me flashbacks to Quake 2 and 3 engine games I never played and never existed. HolyHeck/10.


Good conception. <3


Just like sex i didn't understand it at first.


It seems that the game has 2-3 endings  based  how many ghosts we killed. Though in the "good" ending when we end in  some  sort of  void, when we  don´t kill any  spirit, is there anything more to do than close the game?

One thing I miss in the game is to explain what happened in each ending.


not sure how to install it but looks great.

You just extract the rar file with program like 7Zip or Winrar and then launch it.

Just extract and run the game. If your architecture is x86(32 bits) because this game was made to this computer processor. If your computer is x64, perhaps you couldn't runs that game.


This was a weird game, and I LOVE weird games. Stabbing ghosts, a window to another world, and eyeballs watching my every move... what wasn't to love? Great work :D


Super game with super mechanics. Played really well although not sure what the ending was as in was it not finished or did I just not understand it ? Was a very fun game to play and really well made. Top job. Well done... :)

Very Interesting! The "looking glass"  worked flawlessly!

Hoping there's more!

was a really weird game :D


This was really unique. I liked the 'multidimensional window' mechanic you had going on. It's a really nice way to 'double' the size of the game. I was unsure of what to do at first, but even with lack of instruction it wasn't too hard to figure it out. It was definitely disturbing, but not too scary. There was more of an eerie "this is wrong" feeling than an anxious "on the edge of your seat" feeling which is pretty rare in horror games these days. I loved the pixelated graphics, just as I did in PC-001! You do a very good job creating an atmosphere and a sense of question in your games. Both of your games so far have really had me torn between 'is there a deeper meaning?' or 'is it just super literal' - Overall, I loved it! I can't wait to see more of your work! It'd be awesome if your games all tied into each other somehow. Just a thought! Thanks for making this!