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I really like this game design, also I like the sound effect in the game with a cool graphics, keep up the mega cool work!! :  )

What an experience! Great job with this game!


Took a look at the demo of this for a little Twitch series I'm starting up. Felt like exactly what was advertised: a bit creepy, a bit surreal, definite hints of more under the surface. It's not exactly my jam, but it was interesting and kept me curious. And you can see one person in chat was really down with it.


Really cool game so far! I have all the keys now im just trying to figure out how to get past the second set of rooms. All in all the game is really well put together. Could use some more story and scares though. Check out my channel Strattisfaction and walkthrough here!

Thanks for playing, and for making a video about it!

No problem! Thanks for making the game!


I've played a lot of video games in my life, and I think that most of us who have done so can recognize a good game when they see one. Things like level design, atmosphere, and sound can really help immerse you in a world that you want to explore. 

Sanguine Sanctum shines in all of these catagories. This eerie exploration game had me hooked from the moment I started playing. The PS1-era graphics lend a great tone for the game, and the developer has created this space that is just so interesting to investigate. The "zones" are uniquely designed, and each one has its own special quality that makes exploring them so worth it. There are some hidden secrets that reward the player for really checking out every twist and turn. Without spoiling sections of the game, I will say that there are some fantastic level design elements that had me surprised and thrilled.

The sound design is on point, and there are lots of great "squelches" and "drip-drops" surrounding the player, making for an immersive and unique experience. The sound design really lends a lot to the atmosphere in a way that a lot of games miss the mark on today. Make sure to play this game with the sound turned up! It's really worth it! 

I've played a few of the developer's previous games, but I feel that he has really created something special here. I have played through it a few times while in development and got to see this game grow into what it has become and I am just so impressed. The atmosphere of this game is creepy and unsettling, and made my skin crawl in such a good way. I loved seeing these scenes that he created, and there's even a nod to one of his earlier works in this game!

If you are a fan of the eerie and the odd, you are going to love this game. If you like to explore unique and unsettling areas, you are going to love this game. If you like video games in general, give this game a try and support indie developers! This developer knows how to create an immersive experience that draws you in and grabs your attention, and Sanguine Sanctum is a great example of that.


Yet another odd game by one of my favorite indie devs! This one was a little harder to understand what was going on than your other games, and I was unsure if I really made it to the end of the demo (also not unlike your other games lolol) but I had a blast playing it. It was definitely a trip and it sent my mind for a loop all the way through! I've seen screenshots of some of your WiP stages for this game and I'm super excited. This low-poly horror style of games is gold and I think you're nailing it. You have a crazy good artistic ability in creating an atmosphere and visuals in your games. I can't wait to see more! Thanks for making this!

Thank you so much! I've been seeing a lot of confusion from people playing the demo, even though there is supposed to be some I think I made it a little too obtuse. I thought about adding a run button, but for now I'm just increasing the base move speed. Thanks again for playing and for making these videos, I enjoy watching them!

Odd game, though I can't say it made someone like myself 'Uneasy' :P


Thanks for playing! Hopefully the full game will make you feel that way!