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This was a great mix of bullet hell, shump, and horror! I fell for this game hard 

the gameplay was super uniqe and fun and the music has to be some of the best ive ever heard, i loved every moment with this game and i regularly go back to it to try and get a no death run because i so badly want to see the alternative ending! Absolutely top notch game!

You recommended this to me directly on Twitter! Very enjoyable. I'm a sucker for this aesthetic and the main mechanic was a nice subversion . Thanks for the game :)


Really enjoyed this. Made me wanna get more into shmups.


Amazingly good. Like everything I see combining the talents of several of you elders of HPSX :)
I've not seen the shoot the bullets instead of the enemies mechanic before and it was quite fun. Really steep difficulty curve for a single level, but if this is all the game will ever be then it makes sense. I do hope to see more sometime though :)

Stellar work

This was fucking AMAZING! I love Modus!!!

That was dope and I'm not even into shmups. Maybe helped that I could die however many times I wanted. But the music was hype, the environments and enemies fantastic, and it was blast sucking up all them bullets.

This has a Sega Saturn feel! I loved this and I am horrible!

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So many enemy types! And the music!!

I didn't realise this was a sequel at first. That makes it even better imo (I loved the first frontier diver too)

Hey! I did a big roundup on a bunch of games in the jam (including yours) with some thoughts on each. Figured I'd share it here for anyone interested!

This game is awesome! I really like that Frontier Diver got THIS kind of sequel, hope that you'll expand this world in future games

Made a video

An absolute blast to play, tough as nails but also addicting!


linux user here,cool


This is so good, I look forward to everything else you do!!!


Amazing work!! This more deffensive aproach to a shmup is really interesting, and the visuals feel like they are straight out a PSX. Plus that ongoing degradation of the boss was as creepy as it was satifying, I am looking forward to play more of your works!


Knocked it out of the park. Spot on PSX recreation, fantastic work!

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What are the qualifications for the other ending assuming there is one? It seems to be hinted if you preform good enough there's a different ending. Best I've done so far is 5 deaths and 10010 bullets destroyed.

I'm going after the no-miss myself, see if there's anything beyond. I've already mapped the entire level out and I know I can make it.

Well make sure to record the run!


Progenexis has the classic Ps1 style down to the pixel, plenty of challenge, a finely mustachioed boss, and some really rad music to massacre scan things to. Overall, a fantastic time, even if I'm bad at it.

Good job, devs. Played the original FD a while back and it's cool to see more happen with the world.

The art is gorgeous, the attacks are bombastic, the music is banging. This game is awesome

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Absolutely excellent, I may just pick up the original Frontier Diver as well to see if there’s a running plot between them.

One thing that’s not particularly clear though is whether this game has controller support or not, because buttons seem to work but neither dpad nor analog stick do. If it doesn’t, do you think there could be a way to implement it in the future? Some sort of twin-stick system maybe, the way Astebreed does it.



I actually wanna know if there's any lore to this. How the heck did this happen anyways?


I always have some internal lore that I build the game around, but I rarely ever share it all! You can just chalk this whole thing up to people messing around with forces they didn’t understand 😁

No wonder it feels so familiar. Nothing is there for no reason, and it just drags you in that way. Never stop. You have caught my attention as a shmup aficionado.


This was phenomenal.

Thank you!


Amazing, amazing and AMAZING! I felt some heavy inspiration from the SquareEnix's Einhänder game, since the camera style to the music. Am I correct? Congrats for the game.


Thanks for playing, and great video! Einhander was definitely an inspiration, along with Thunder Force V, R-Type Delta, and G Darius.


You are literally one of my favorite game developers working right now. This is perfect in so many ways. Please never stop.

Thank you so much! Not planning on stopping any time soon!


This game was crazy, the final boss was scary but really cool. Overall, awesome game.


The "90s/cyberpunk/GhostInTheShell" aesthetics are so cool, love the enemy designs and the post apocalyptic city.  Also, "the pacifist" way is an interesting concept that not a lot of games implement


The Mac build works just fine.

Visually and aurally stylish. It's liike a weird long-lost sibling of Einhander. Took a while to figure exactly what the PDS does (eliminates bullets). Not being able to shoot enemies made the game super-stressful, but I appreciate that lives are effectively infinite. Is there a magic pixel, or is the whole ship model a target?

Thanks for playing and glad to hear the Mac build works!

The hit box is a little smaller than the ship’s model. About the size of the cockpit area, not including the wings.


VERY fun, but damn if the clear requirements aren't obvious. Do I need to one-life it, is it under 3 drones lost, etc. Also gotta ask if it is a lossless run that gets you to the next stage that you add an easy mode, I'm not skilled enough in shmups to do that and would love to see the rest of the game.



Thanks for playing!

Sorry about the unclear requirements, you do need to clear it in one life!

However there’s not a big reward for doing it, it’s just a little bonus scene that happens. No gated content or anything important!

ahh, good to know, thank you!