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The Kingdom of Cervus is under threat. A horrific blight has plagued the land, leaving naught but a desolate wasteland in its wake. You are Godsworn, one of the Anointed Order of Knights chosen by Holy King Cerviel IV to defend Cervus and all those who inhabit it. 

Legends tell of a powerful artifact, the Empyrean, locked away in the depths of a mysterious island. It is said that the Empyrean possesses the power to dispel darkness and seal away evil. By order of the Holy King you have embarked on a quest to that lonely island. You are to seek out the Empyrean, take its power, and vanquish the encroaching darkness.


Call of the Empyrean is an upcoming dark fantasy RPG heavily inspired by classic PS1-era RPGs.


  • Immersive 3D graphics.

  • Powerful weapons.

  • Awe inspiring spells to master.
  • Plenty of secrets to uncover.

Coming 2019