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You need to fix fullscreen mode. The mouse doesn't work well and lags a bunch in fullscreen.

Please update thiiis

u should add a folder called "hot anomaly pics"

I'm still waiting for the full release. At least we have Home Safety Hotline which is the closest to this game's concept but a bit more unique with how it uses folkloric monsters that you'd expect in fairy tales like fairies, gnomes, goblins, etc.

Wow, actually scared

Loved this, as a long time fan of SCP. Well done. 


awesome demo!



my friends discord is : Iffie#0235 or #2035 either

you should friend him and give him a fright

Ive done this before and when he tells me that so many random people friend him he thinks hes getting hacked XD

doesnt work also that seems so nostalgic

woah i just saw this



The presentation is genius. Great experience! Also had no idea just looking through old e-mails and photos would freak me out as much as it did. The video was also very cool to experience.

Very, very cool. I felt the 3D maze could have been halved, but overall incredible and mysterious little demo. 

Absolutely wonderful little time


i shut off the computer. it stays shut off. interesting


Good game!


This is an absolutely delightful time. Very sinister.


Most horror games on usually don't make me anxious or jump, but this one was truly a diamond in the rough, absolute great job.


This was amazing! Maybe it was just playing this in the dark at 3 am but wow I have goosebumps all over.. I'm surely going to recommend this to everyone I can. 




Here are a few thoughts:

1 - Overall great job. I like that the computer feels like it's "just user friendly enough", with the unexplained blinking light next to things that are "new".  You might actually enhance this by starting the game with some of the lights already blinking and turn them off as we explore.

2 - In the video sequence, you have to return to your guest several times to trigger the sequence proceeding, but there isn't a clear reason to. Perhaps you might include something in the report.  "The next door neighbor said they heard them going in and out of the bathroom all night long" or something.

3 - In the 3D maze, you might make the photos from the photo viewer come up more often; you also might prompt to press escape to leave it behind. (I clicked a bunch, hit space bar, etc. but didn't think to use Escape as I never used it before.)

The sound in this game is great, the graphics are top tier. I especially love the deer picture. Felt really weird and creepy.  All in all a really fun experience!


Another banger! I didn't expect the playable video. That was really fun.


cool graphics, love the scp foundation vibe. it was real slow on my computer though


youve done it again you madmen. loved the funky maze as well as the use of hands to indicate interactiveness in the video portion. looking forward to the full game


Modus Interactive only puts out bangers. 

Full Demo No Commentary 


These types of computer UI games always freak me out man. I was a bit tired when I played this so I think it was the perfect time to be exposed to how bizarre the entire experience was. I read some emails, checked out some pictures and a video and before I knew it, I was in some deep shit. For those more interested in watching than playing, this was my experience:

Thanks for making games!

Resource usage through the roof for no real reason, maxes out CPU and GPU

I think you might have some issues with the demo on certain hardware judging by other comments, might be worth looking into

Deleted 202 days ago

yeah, i watched that all the way through expecting for something to happen but have no clue what on earth it meant or did


I try to run the game, but the screen remains black after showing the Unity logo. It also makes my computer slow and laggy. I'd really like to play, so I was disappointed it didn't work.

Deleted 1 year ago

Love this style of horror, awesome demo


Henderson and Modus Interactive, some of my two favorite things. This game is a miracle


Spoopy! A fun little horror experience!




This is a very promising demo, I kinda hope the final game will turn into an anthology with the player being able to experience different weird occurrences. Can’t wait to see the full game (even though I did get stuck a few times, I apparently need a lot of handholding, otherwise I am lost :D). 


literally unplayable as it slows down the webpage and takes almost a full minute to respond to any clicks in the game window


It worked perfectly for me, it may be a problem with your computer

my computer works just fine on everything else, and looking at other comment sim not the only one with this issue

Have you tried other browsers? The one u are using may be the problem

cant. chromebooks dont behave well with other browsers installed

I have the same problem as well. It seems however if you get to the maze app the game speeds up in response a little bit, but I didn't have a whole lot of control or sense of what was happening. 

i hope i dont die

I went into this not realizing who was developing it and it's no surprise knowing now why this was so good! Cant wait to see where this goes! 


My browser version of this game completely crashes or freezes my computer except for the game itself which also will not work but I can hear the sounds for it running. the only way for me to do anything else on my computer is to reload the page itself. This is a very annoying bug that I wanted you guys to know if you are using a Chromebook.


Wow, this was really good.


This is one of the coolest games I've ever played. The monitor as the backdrop really sets the mood, and the game itself flows very naturally from one segment to the next. I can already see the limitless possibilities with this format. Absolutely loved playing this!

While I think this looks like a cool game I can't really play it properly because it seems to crash or really really REALLY slows down my computer and I have no idea how to fix it. If you guys have any suggestions on how to undo this PLEASE let me know. Also Adrionic, you really funny man.

Hey! Have you tried any other browsers? Could be an issue with the one you're using. Other than that, I'm not sure what other fix there could be. Btw, thanks for the kind words! :)


this was amazing

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You've done it again, but ++ this time! Premium stuff.


this is probably the best in-browser game I ever played.

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